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A Spectre That Haunts

To borrow the opening line from the Communist Manifesto a spectre is haunting the ruling military clique in Burma – the spectre of communism. No sooner did the students’ boycott and protest march from Mandalay to Rangoon start to gain popular support and momentum than the generals (smug in their confident intransigent position over the new education law, completely out of touch and unpopular with the very people in the… Read More »

Us Undeserving Burmese

One hears a lot these days about how the Burmese lack discipline and therefore are not fit for democracy. This is rather reminiscent of Winston Churchill’s famed wisdom in his considered opinion that the Burmese were not ready for independence at the end of the Second World War. Those who have no wish to grant us freedom or democracy have the same thing to say, naturally. Only it is not… Read More »

Reasons to be Fearful

Recent allegations in social media about the leadership of the ABFSU being in the hands of a “couple of commies” should come as no surprise to most people. [1] We have been there before so many times, and the finger pointing will return on every such occasion. One infamous example was Aung Gyi’s accusation that Daw Suu was surrounded by communists in 1988 despite a contingent of ex-army commanders like himself among her… Read More »

The Neoliberal Onslaught

If people believe all that is going on in Burma today has very little connection to the wider world but that it is purely a domestic phenomenon the way things have evolved, they cannot be more wrong. Ever since the opening up of the country post-Myitsone and Daw Suu’s release, Burmese society has enjoyed ever increasing outside contact, now with the West as well as the East… for better or for worse as… Read More »


  MEMOIRS OF THE ANTIFASCIST REVOLUTION (Translation of an article written by late Bogyoke Kyaw Zaw and printed in Pyithu Arner (People’s Democracy) No. 22, 2012)    March 27, 2002 is the fifty-seventh anniversary of the Anti-Fascist Revolution of the people of Burma. On this day, I heard radio broadcasts about Burma’s Anti-Fascist Revolution and as a veteran who has played a leading role in the movement, I can’t help… Read More »


RINGING IN 2014 “Que sera, sera Whatever will be, will be The future’s not ours to see—-” But the year 2014 is just around the corner and its preceding year has foretold what may follow the next year. I shall not waste readers’ precious time by trying to summarize the events of 2013, instead, I may quote the events only where necessary. Everybody knows that 2014 is the last year… Read More »

Extending Fraternal Greetings.

CENTRAL ORGANIZING COMMITTEE, COMMUNIST PARTY OF BURMA To: The Presidium The 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Australia From: Central Organizing Committee Communist Party of Burma Dated: 2013, September 10th Subject: Extending Fraternal Greetings. Dear Comrades, With heartfelt honour and pleasure we hereby extend our warmest proletarian greetings to the Presidium of the 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Australia and all the comrade attendees. The… Read More »