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Popular struggle

If there is anything inherent, organic and visceral in the human condition it has to be the right to make a living, to fight against social and economic inequities and injustice they face in doing so. This is what we are witnessing in Burma since people as never before have the chance now to air their grievances. Poor pay and unsafe working conditions or joblessness in towns and cities, farmers… Read More »

It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

It goes without saying that anyone who doesn’t wish for a smooth and peaceful transition in Burma needs their head examined. But that is obviously the best case scenario. When all the window dressing and fanfare are seen for what they are the so called progress made in the peace process as well as the transfer of power to the democratically elected government to be formed by the NLD with… Read More »

General election 2015: what to expect

As Marx rightly pointed out, the oppressed will be allowed in November ‘to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them in parliament’. Most people will vote in the hope of breaking free from prolonged social and economic ills. Yet, election under the 2008 constitution is the opium of the people simply fostering a culture of false hopes among the oppressed. Over the past… Read More »

Crisis? What Crisis?

Crisis? What Crisis? As Cyclone Komen wreaked havoc and continues to cause countrywide inundation and devastation, the nominally civilian government is once again found wanting in coming immediately to the rescue with emergency services and vital assistance, even by their own admission.[1][2][3][4] Into the breach stepped in local volunteers and civil society groups mustering resources – funds, personnel and material help of essential supplies and food.[5] The Hand of God… Read More »

Public Enemy Number One

Many of us will agree that the students won a moral victory at Letpadan on Tuesday. The message “Students won” went viral in social media, and people know exactly what that means. [1] For the recidivist regime however it will yet prove to be a Pyrrhic victory. Their stock (built up in the last few years by deception) has plummeted in the eyes of both the peoples of Burma and… Read More »

A Spectre That Haunts

To borrow the opening line from the Communist Manifesto a spectre is haunting the ruling military clique in Burma – the spectre of communism. No sooner did the students’ boycott and protest march from Mandalay to Rangoon start to gain popular support and momentum than the generals (smug in their confident intransigent position over the new education law, completely out of touch and unpopular with the very people in the… Read More »

Us Undeserving Burmese

One hears a lot these days about how the Burmese lack discipline and therefore are not fit for democracy. This is rather reminiscent of Winston Churchill’s famed wisdom in his considered opinion that the Burmese were not ready for independence at the end of the Second World War. Those who have no wish to grant us freedom or democracy have the same thing to say, naturally. Only it is not… Read More »