Message of Felicitations

By | April 10, 2013


Central Committee
Communist Party of Greece

Central Organizing Committee
Communist Party of Burma

Dated: 2013, April 10
Subject: Message of Felicitations.

Dear Comrades,
We hereby, on behalf of the Central Organizing Committee and the whole membership of the Communist Party of Burma, extend our heartiest congratulations to the Central Committee and the whole membership of the Communist Party of Greece for successfully holding the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of Greece. We believe that this congress will be able to lay down the party programme and guidelines for the party at the time when the Greek nation and the people are suffering from the economic and social woes brought upon them by capitalism and globalization.
We fully agree that neither the capitalist ruling class nor the reactionary classes, despite the present economic and political crises they have been facing, will fade out or become extinct by themselves. It is the task of the vanguard parties of the proletariat from various countries to carry out the liberation of the oppressed people.
In our country, Burma, the ruling military generals, donning civilian clothes, are winning favour from the western imperialist leaders who are bent on creating a ring of influence around China. The military leadership, thinking that they could fish in the troubled waters, has been trying to make profit for their own benefit by selling out the interests of the people to all foreign investors and shuttle between among the world powers. However, the result is that the contention among big powers come across the frontiers of our nation.
So, we must admit that we are proud to be sitting in the same trench with the Greek comrades and Greek people who have inherited the glorious anti-imperialism, anti-fascism, democratic and revolutionary traditions of their ancestors, in the fight against our common enemy.
Please keep in your minds, dear comrades, here, on this part of the globe stands your comrades in arms who are always willing and ready to support the just struggles of the Greek people and the proletariat.

– Long Live the Fraternal Relationship Between the Communist Party of Greece and the Communist Party of Burma!
– Long Live Internationalism!
– Long Live the Communist Party of Greece!

With Fraternal Greetings,

Central Organizing Committee
Communist Party of Burma

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